VIDEO: Woodbine Grant to Renovate Food Bank and Water System


When it comes to food and water, two grants are providing upgrades to a community's basic needs.
Funds awarded by the U.S.D.A. Department of Rural Development will go towards renovating the Borough of Woodbine's food bank and water system.
A $37,000 dollar grant will help in upgrading the community food bank's outreach facility in Woodbine, in partnership with the first baptist church.
In addition to the food bank, $2 million in loans and grants will enable the borough to make critical repairs to its water treatment and distribution system.
Officials say these projects will not only improve the water quality and environment, but also create jobs and help the local economy.
The U.S.D.A’s community facilities program provides affordable loans and grants to help communities, like Woodbine, develop and improve essential facilities.