VIDEO: Hundreds of Children Spend Summer Raising Money for Local Charities


MARGATE - Eight years ago Laura Dulac’s young daughters raised over $4,000 for a local food bank and that sparked the interest in getting them volunteering with other charities.
“Everywhere I called they wouldn’t let my kids volunteer because they were too young," said Laura Dulac, president and founder of Children Making Change. "They wanted to make a difference but there was no vehicle for them to do so.”
So they created one of their own.
“Our Children Making Change is an organization where we target kids five to 15, who are too young to volunteer, to take some time out of their summers to make a difference in their community,” said Dulac.
At the start of the summer kids from the area get together to collect their t-shirts and money boxes.
“And I tell them if they try to make 100 and make 50 that’s great and other kids make 300 so as long as they’re trying to reach their goal that’s great,” said Dulac.
Since the age range is pretty wide each kid does their own job to raise the funds.
“By walking my friend's dog and doing the yard sale,” said Jackson Turner, of Our Children Making Change.
Today all their hard work was put on display as the kids presented a $25,003.71 check to be split between six local charities.
“There’s no way to describe it, it’s just amazing seeing how this can change people’s lives and it makes you feel like you’re doing something good for your community and giving back,” said Izzy Turner, of Our Children Making Change.
The organization that started with the Dulac family now stretches to five cities.
“It’s amazing," said Kelly Dulac, of Our Children Making Change. "I’m really proud of how much we’ve progressed over the years and like how much money we’ve raised all together throughout all the years.”
“Well for me it’s just crazy to see," said Chloe Dulac, of Our Children Making Change. "I was seven when we thought of the idea and it’s gone from 100 kids to like almost 300 and just to see the difference that $400,000 is an insane amount of money that’s gone to charity.”