Oaklyn Shows Support for Men and Women in Blue


One small Camden County town is showing support for its local police officers in a big way. Residents in Oaklyn have gone a long way to embrace their officers in blue.

“All of the residents know what it means and they’ll come up and thank us, and they show support, it’s been overwhelming,” said Detective Kyle Davis.

Oaklyn residents are seeing some changes to their main street in town this week, with a special paint job to help celebrate their local police officers.

“The blue line was brought up to us by D.P.W. Supervisor Rick Howco,” Detective Davis said. “ He asked, in a show of support, if he could paint a line, the thin blue line which is representative of law enforcement, down the middle of West Clinton Avenue.”

Davis continued, “What it means to me is, it shows a lot of support from our community and we have the backing of not only Mayor and Council, of the Department of Public Works, and our community.”

The Public Works Supervisor brought the idea up to the mayor and Chief of Police. After getting approval from the County, the blue line was painted at the end of last week. After it was complete, the borough and department posted pictures on their Facebook page and were greeted by hundreds of positive comments and shares, showing even more support for the officers.

"On how quickly the support spread," Detective Davis commented, “It kind of took off, we didn’t expect it to be that much, or that popular, but it took us by storm.”

“Everybody I talk to mentions it, and I found out we’re one of the few boroughs that have it, so that makes us even more proud,” said Oaklyn resident Janet Larson.

Larson has lived in Oaklyn for more than three decades and says the police are always there for the residents and very involved in the community, and she looks forward to seeing the town surround the line in support for the department.

“We have a lot of activities that we close off the streets and do it right where the blue line is going to be," Larson said. "It’s right in front of the school, which has the most activity. You couldn’t have picked a better place.”

Oaklyn Mayor Bob Forbes via email said, “The blue line runs through the heart of our town. Our men and women in the police department, and all of our employees are there as part of that heart and are the life blood of our community.”

The freshly painted line begins at the police station and runs all the way down through town to the public school, allowing everyone to come and see the line of blue, and help continue to support the men and women in blue.

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