Video: Second Annual Hero Fun Day


Clients with Career Opportunity Development Incorporated, or CODI, were treated to the special fun day by Hero volunteers on Friday in Egg Harbor City.
The Hero volunteers from Caesars Entertainment put on this special day with food, games, prizes and even special entertainment. The group of casino workers volunteer every other month at CODI, but today was only the second year for the carnival event which brings joy to both the clients and the volunteers.
"They're having so much fun and its because they get to have fun in an environment that they're comfortable with and this is their setting and this is their peers so it's different from taking them to a carnival where they don't know everyone so that they can be themselves here, they can have as much fun as they want here and this is a good day for them as well as us," said Nikki Jackson, who handles community relations at Caesars Entertainment in Atlantic City.
CODI started back in 1970 by a group of concerned parents who wanted to provide vocational services for individuals with development disabilities.