Video: Salem County Officials Check on Local Bridge Construction


Salem county officials say the replacement of the Trestle Railroad Bridge is right on track, and is expected to be completed sometime next month.
Public works engineer's and Salem County freeholders say necessary repairs to the short line railroad system including completely replacing the bridge over Oldmans Creek in Pilesgrove township are almost complete.
Officials hope improvements to the railroad infrastructure will boost economic development.
"It's important for Salem County to work on this project because we have to maintain our infrastructure for businesses, for industry, for marketing purposes to have more businesses come into Salem County. So we're really proud of it," said Julie Acton, a Salem County freeholder.
Officials there say the railroad is a "Class two", which will allow trains to travel at a higher speed and carry more weight.
80 percent of the $3.2 million needed to complete these projects came through federally funded grants from the Department of Transportation.
Once completed the railway will connect Swedesboro in Gloucester County to the Port of Salem.