Video: Miss America Opening Ceremonies Kick-Off the 2017 Competition


ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – The 2017 Miss America competition is just around the corner and will soon be crowning a new winner in Atlantic City.
From Miss Alabama all the way to Miss Wyoming the 52 contestants from all over the nation were officially welcomed to Atlantic City today. The Miss America Competition started in Atlantic City back in 1921 and has been a longstanding tradition for the city.
“This is our birthplace, this is where it all started and the tradition and the historic aspects of being on this boardwalk in this incredible community is something that means a lot to our brand,” said Sam Haskell, who is the Executive Chairman and CEO of the Miss American organization.
Each of the competitors took the stage to introduce themselves along with their platform. Representing New Jersey is 22-year-old Mantua resident, Brenna Weick. Her platform is titled, "a world of difference, navigating the cybersphere." Weick will also be singing her heart out in the talent portion in hopes of winning the Miss America crown.
Today’s ceremony did not end without some advice for the participants from the reigning Miss America, Betty Cantrell.
“The best thing that you can do is be yourself and that’s the best way to stand out because each one of you are so different and unique and so special that being yourself is the only way you’ll stand out,”
said Cantrell.
The 52 contestants will vie for the real deal as they strut their stuff inside Boardwalk Hall on September 11th during the 96th annual Miss America competition.