Video: Local Man Shatters Burger Eating Time at Local Vineland Burger Joint


VINELAND, N.J. – After setting a new record, a local man was asked by the restaurant owner to challenge his previous burger eating time again this past weekend.
The challenge? Eat a Triple Outlaw Burger, an order of Outlaw Fries and a 32-ounce-milkshake in under 30 minutes at Outlaw Burger Barn & Creamery in Vineland. It took Alexander Kudla just ten minutes to complete that task so the owners asked him to come back this weekend to break his record.
After shattering his previous record in just five minutes and six seconds, Kudla says he still had an appetite for more.
"Really good burger, I'll definitely keep coming back to get the burgers and I really like the winds and I know that Ryan said he's talking about a wing challenge, I might have to sit that one out, so somebody else can win," said Kudla.
Kudla's picture will now hang on the wall of the Outlaw Burger Barn & Creamery marking his achievement.