Video: Rowan Physician Offers Advice on Making a Healthy Back-to-School Transition


GLASSBORO, N.J. – It's back to school time for hundreds of kids across South Jersey– and before heading back Dr. Jennifer Caudle has some tips on how to make this transition an easy one.
According to Dr. Caudle, back to school does mean back to school bugs unfortunately. When there are a lot of people in one space, especially children in a school, there are bound to be bugs that are flying around. The term bugs, as she uses it, means things like colds, coughs, and other ailments that are easily spread
The first thing to do is make sure you’re easing your child back into a school sleep schedule.
"Getting enough sleep is so important for a number of reasons not to mention that when your child is in school they’re going to concentrate a lot better and be ready to go," said Dr. Caudle.
Also, Dr. Caudle explains an easy way to keep your kids healthy is to make sure they’re practicing good hand hygiene. Washing hands after going to the bathroom, before eating, after eating, and things like that.
Although parents need to be thinking about those back to school bugs, it's also important to be thinking about children could get hurt by something all students use from preschool through college and that’s a backpack.
Dr. Caudle says a child should never be carrying a backpack that’s more than 10 to 15 percent of their body weight.
"If you see your child hunching over, that can be an indicator that the backpack is too heavy,” said Dr. Caudle.
And as much as carrying their backpack on one shoulder could be trendy and cool result in more pain so make sure they’re using both straps. The reason for two straps that is it helps distribute the weight in the backpack evenly along the back.
Whether it’s back pain or a common cold Dr. Caudle urges all parents to contact their family physician for any concerns.