Video: Gloucester Township Expands Intervention Efforts in "Project Save"


BLACKWOOD, N.J. – Also in connection with International Overdose Awareness Day, it was announced that a new addition to an intervention effort in Gloucester Township, will continue to help fight against drug and alcohol addiction.
During a press conference at Our Family Resource Center in Blackwood, Gloucester Township police announced plans to expand their "Project Save" program.
"Project Save," which was created by the department, started with an alcohol and drug counselor in the municipal court, but will now offer a call- in- basis alcohol and drug counselor for those arrested or in custody.
This new addition will provide those who are showing signs of addiction with the necessary resources right away, so they don't have to wait for their court appearance.
"We hear daily stories about drug addiction, drug addiction is destroying families not just here in Gloucester Township - everywhere. This is a national epidemic, but here is Gloucester Township we're trying to do something about it," said Gloucester Township Mayor David Mayer.
Gloucester township was the first community in New Jersey to have a drug advocate in the courtroom and is now the first to have the program expand.
For more information on the "Project Save" or any other community program, you can contact the Blackwood Police Department at (856)374-5735.