Video: Bay Shore Goes Almost Untouched By Weekend Storms


FORTESCUE, N.J. – Despite Tropical Storm Hermine still affecting shore towns along the Atlantic, the shore towns along the Delaware bay have not been affected.
When Robert Campbell, Mayor of Downe Township, saw predictions for a two-foot to four-foot storm surge, he did business as usual. Pictures were taken and emergency services were on standby to assist with the normal flooding.
“On Saturday into Sunday, we had a little bit of normal tidal flooding on the roads, but for the most part, we had nothing,” said Campbell.“There’s still a lot of work left from the other two storms, that I’m thankful that this one passed us by.”
The township is still cleaning up the severe damages along the bay that Hurricanes Sandy and Irene left behind. There has been sea walls, berms, and sand dunes installed, all of which were left untouched by Hermine.
“I’m very confident that what we’ve done so far, and we’re not finished, but what we’ve done is very sustainable. And this storm, had it come in with the strength that was forecast, I didn’t anticipate much of a problem,” said Campbell.
The storm certainly did not chase anyone away from the bay this weekend either. There were still many people that visited the bay to fish and swim. The mayor even stated that despite the anticipated bad weather, this was one of the best weekends for the town of Fortescue.
Dozens of people lined the Bay Shore with fishing poles and coolers, enjoying their last weekend of summer. And although they knew what kind of weather was expected, that didn’t stop them from enjoying the water.
“This is my passion right here, fishing. If there was a storm, I’d still be out here fishing. It’s what I love to do. Ain’t nothing going to stop me from fishing,” said Terrance Ratchford, a resident of Bridgeton.