Video: Flying Fish Brewery Releases New Pork Roll Themed Beer


SOMERDALE, N.J. – A local brewery has released a unique beer that takes a new approach on an iconic sandwich.
Whether you call it pork roll or Taylor ham, many could agree that Flying Fish Brewing Company's new Pork Roll Porter is something to try at least once.
The brewing company in Somerdale celebrated its 20th anniversary this past Thursday by tapping their new "Exit" series beers which include Exits 5, 7, and 14. The event focused on all of its new brews, but especially on Exit 7, which is the name of their new Pork Roll Porter.
Their unique beer features hints of cocoa, caramel, smoke, and spice.
During the ceremonial tapping at Thursday's event, the 2016 Pork Roll Queen made an appearance along with guests from the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, NJ Conservation Foundation, and the Pork Roll Festival.