Video: Locals Honor Pennsauken Labor Leader Buried in Arlington Cemetery


PENNSAUKEN, N.J. – Community members in Pennsauken gathered at the Peter J. Mcguire Memorial in the Arlington Cemetery to spotlight a 19th-century labor leader.
Mcguire is credited with cofounding the American Federation of Labor and raising the standards of living for workers through the 1800's.
On Friday a wreath was placed next the McGuire Monument during the annual ceremony. Members also unveiled a new addition to a more than 50-year-old memorial.
A brick wall was added to the entrance of the cemetery by volunteers to further recognizing McGuire's contributions.
"I reached out to the building traders, bricklayers, iron workers, the teamsters, to the sheet metal workers, and to the electricians, and no one of them said no. So, they all jumped in to voluntarily construct the wall with the effort we're going to have this designated as a national monument in the near future," said Bob Schianvinato, President of the Central Labor Council A.F.L.C.I.O. of South Jersey.
In addition to constructing the brick wall, volunteers placed a new plaque bearing McGuire's name on the monument.