Video: Shore Towns Prepare For Storm in Midst of Holiday Weekend


WEST WILDWOOD, N.J. – With potential flooding and dangerous rip currents that could last into the middle of next week, shore towns are hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst.
The timing of Tropical Storm Hermine's visit comes as thousands of tourists make their way to the shore for the unofficial end of summer.
“Labor Day weekend is officially underway here down the shore and what better way to kick it off then with the beautiful weather we’re having here today. But with Tropical Storm Hermine making its way up the cost that could mean that this sunshiney weather could soon turn into a gloomy forecast,” said West Wildwood Mayor Christopher Fox.
Despite the holiday weekend, towns like West Wildwood are preparing for what could be a damaging storm.This is the same town that suffered major damage during a winter storm back in January.
According to Fox, the city needs to fix up the bulkheads and in an event of a bad storm - clean up the streets, get debris out of the roadways, and quickly repair any different power outages. The repaired bulkhead from the winter storm currently stands at about a foot and a half higher and is made out of steel to keep the water out of the streets.
Flood sirens are tested on a daily basis year round & emergency vehicles are checked once a week to make sure they’re both ready to go. Despite the safety preparations, the mayor wants to make sure everyone is ready as an influx of people expected to visit the shore town for the holiday weekend.
“We’re not sure about tide heights yet but all the preparations for people tying down their boats, batten down the hatches, we’re way ahead of the curve,” said Fox.
Joan Sherran, a resident of West Wildwood, has lived in the area for 20 years and flooding has become a normal occurrence with life at this shore town.
“I mean it floods when it’s high tide, so it’s going to really hit us,” said Sherran.
Many residents raise their houses to prevent flooding – but when it comes to cars Sherran & the mayor both agree it’s on an important bit of advice that is often overlooked when it comes to vehicles.
“It will get flooded and your car will get ruined, it’ll be done. So get all your cars to high ground,” said Sherran.
If any resident or visitor has any questions,the mayor urges all to call borough hall.