Citgo Plans to Appeal $120 Million Ruling in 2004 Oil Spill

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Industrial products company Citgo says it plans to appeal an order to pay $120 million for its role in a quarter-million-gallon oil spill in 2004 in the Delaware River.
The Philadelphia Inquirer reports a federal judge in Philadelphia ordered the Houston-based company last month to pay $71.5 million to a ship owner and operator and $48.6 million to cover about half of federal cleanup costs.
The judge ruled Citgo Petroleum Corp. failed to provide a safe berth to the Athos I oil tanker.
The spill occurred when a tanker struck a submerged anchor as it approached the Citgo refinery dock in Paulsboro, New Jersey. It temporarily shut down a nuclear power plant, delayed shipping and killed more than 180 birds.
The U.S. Coast Guard says the crew and pilots did nothing wrong.