Video: Miss New Jersey Talks Interviews, Her Passions, and Goals as Miss America


ATLANTIC CITY – On Wednesday a group of Miss America preliminary judges spoke out about their reactions to their interviews with the 52 contestants, including Brenna Weick, Miss New Jersey 2017.
The competition has been heating up in Atlantic City with one night of Miss America preliminaries down and two more to go before the top competitors will be named in front of a national audience, all hoping to take one step closer to capturing the crown.
As the 2nd day of the competition progressed, judges took time to interview each and every contestant. And after 52 interviews, the Miss America preliminary judges expressed how amazed they were with the ladies representing the different areas of the United States.
“In the news, we hear a lot about millennials, and the generation before being apathetic, and disengaged, and texting all the time, and I can tell you that our country is in good hands with these 52 young women who are engaged, who are passionate, who are articulate. Our world is going to be just fine if it was up to them.” Nicole Lapin, who is one of the preliminary judges in this year's competition.
The Atlantic City boardwalk has remained fairly calm in the week leading up to the final competition. However, all of that will change come the weekend when 52 young women from all across the nation will be at Boardwalk Hall competing for the title of Miss America 2017.
In last night's preliminary competition, Miss District of Columbia, Cierra Jackson, won the preliminary lifestyle and fitness competition, while Miss Tennessee, Grace Burgess, won the talent portion by singing the Eagles' "Desperado."
Among those competing is South Jersey’s own Brenna Weick who took the time to share her experience in the competition so far.
“New Jerseyans are pretty passionate people, if you know what I mean. So it’s been really cool to hear “Go Jersey!” in the crowd all the time,” said Weick.
Whether she’s on the Boardwalk or up on stage, Miss New Jersey feels the support from those around her as she works towards achieving a lifetime goal.
“Stepping out on the stage of Boardwalk Hall for the first time with a crowd was unreal because I always dreamed about doing it,” said Weick. “It’s something that I have envisioned for so many years, and the song “There She Is,” just makes me so emotional, and I love the organization and what it stands for. So it kind of has always been my ultimate goal, and my last pageant ever. End with a bang."
As she represents the state of New Jersey, Weick is working towards spreading the word about her platform that focuses on the cyber sphere. She teaches hands-on lessons to people of all ages about being aware of what you put online.
“It’s something that I’m really passionate about, and it’s something that’s going to be around for a long time, so I think it’s important,” said Weick.
Outside of her passions for her platform, dancing, and her newer hobby of singing, Weick envisions the role of Miss America as being relatable to girls everywhere, celebrating a healthy lifestyle and being a well-rounded person.
“I think that Miss America’s role is to be a really tangible role model for girls. Growing up, I really never looked up to celebrities, I looked up to Miss America. She was class and grace, and someone that was actually attainable for me,” said Weick.