Video: Local Police Gives Driving Safety Tips After Minor Accident


FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Local authorities are reminding drivers to be mindful of school buses after a 14-year-old girl was injured in a motor vehicle accident while she was waiting for her school bus to arrive.
The young girl, who attends Delsea High School, was transported to Inspira Medical Center in Elmer after being struck by a side-view mirror. She was able to walk away minor injuries.
The Franklin Township Police Department, who responded to the incident, would like to remind the public the rules of the road when traveling near a school bus.
“I know everybody is busy going to work. Best thing to do is if you see a child, slow down,” said Officer Stephen Casamassima of Franklin Township Police Department.
In front of a stop light or behind a school bus, red means "STOP" and yellow means "SLOW DOWN," because the bus will soon be coming to a halt.
“Once the red comes on, might as well say there’s a stop sign there, you really can’t push through it at all,” said Officer Casamassima. “Someone’s going to cross, or someone’s getting off the bus to cross.”
The officer also mentioned to pay attention to the changing speed limits during school hours and watch out for the shoulders on those busy roadways.
“We don’t have a lot of sidewalks in Franklin, it’s mostly a rural town, so a lot of times, these kids are waiting on streets, on the sides of streets, at the end of their driveways that are on major roads, like Tuckahoe Road or Delsea Drive,” said Officer Casamassima.
According to Officer Casamassima, there are roughly 100 to 150 buses traveling the Franklin Township roads every morning. So please practice caution and watch out for school buses and their blinking lights.