Video: Absecon Remembers 9/11 By Dedicating New Memorial


ABSECON, N.J. – Years after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the City of Absecon has erected a special memorial to honor those who lost their lives that day.
On Sunday, the small Atlantic County town unveiled the newly built 9/11 memorial in observance of the 15th anniversary of the terrorist attack.
“That horrible day is etched in our memories. But in the aftermath of pure evil has come countless acts of kindness and caring," said Absecon's Mayor, John Armstrong.
And thanks to the Absecon 9/11 Memorial Committee those lost on that terrible day were honored in front of hundreds of people that will not forget the events or the lives lost during that historic day.
“We picked the design, we picked the location and more importantly the memorial pays tribute to the three locations that were tragically attacked on September 11, 2001," said Edward Vincent, the construction manager of the Absecon 9/11 Memorial committee. “The key thing is that it shows remembrance, reflection, respect, honor, and serves as an educational memorial."
Several local law enforcement officers helped by raising the flags that sit at the five points of the memorial honoring the states affected that day. In the center, a replica of the Twin Towers stands tall behind a piece of steel from the south tower. This day was years in the making and it wouldn’t have been possible without the countless donations and volunteers.
“The entire project was constructed from contributions and donations, not one tax dollar," said Vincent.
And the president of the committee couldn’t be prouder of the final product.
“Magnificent work, thousands of hours of time and it’s a part of history. Today, those firefighters will not be forgotten, I promise you," said Jim Smith, the president of the Absecon 9/11 Memorial committee.