Video: New Running Tours Launch in Cape May


CAPE MAY – Two local women have found a new company to give visitors to Cape May a more active tour of the iconic shore town.
Many people that come to visit Cape May drive through the town peering out their windows at the elegant Victorian homes or frequent a walk down the Washington Street Mall. However, the founders of RunCape Running Tours knew there was more to be seen in town that is often overlooked.
"The idea is to kind of take people on a journey through history, and also show them nature in Cape May. We’re very lucky to have a place like this where there’s so much of both in one spot,” said Kashi Davis, co-founder of RunCape Running Tours.
Davis is a biologist for the state of New Jersey concentrating on endangered species. Meanwhile, her fellow co-founder, Diane Stopyra, is a writer who focuses on Cape May and New Jersey’s culture. Both of the women run in their spare time, and found a way to combine all of their interests together.
“We like to give people the side of Cape May’s history that you won’t read about in the brochures,” said Stopyra.
According to Davis the point of the tour isn't meant to be a speed challenge by any means, but rather a chance to enjoy the nature that surrounds you.
“We’ve had beginners and we’ve had very seasoned runners and everybody has a good time," said Davis.
For $25, runners of all speeds follow a tour for about an hour and 15 minutes.
Non-experienced runners can enjoy the views at a slow pace, or those with more experience can have a day to recover. No matter the level, they’ll still run together as well as learn all about Cape May’s nature and history, explore special landmarks, and more in the multiple stops along the three-mile tour.
“I really want to encourage people not to be intimidated, I know a lot of times, running in a group, it’s a little bit like 'will I be able to keep up?' 'How will it go?' It’s not like that. We are a very friendly bunch, we encourage all levels, and we hope you’ll come join us,” said Davis.