Video: 'Second Season' Is In Full Swing in the Wildwoods


WILDWOOD, N.J. – Even though Labor Day weekend marks the official end of tourist season for many, Wildwood is determined to keep the tourists coming with Wildwoods Second Season.
Due to the increased difficulty that has been growing for shore businesses with one season of tourism, the Greater Wildwoods Tourism Improvement and Development Authority was created in 1993 to extend the tourism season beyond the summer.
“It's not only just extending the season but it’s helping to support the business community in all of Cape May County and to make it an all year round economy," said John Siciliano, Executive Director of Wildwood Tourism Authority.
To keep that iconic sound going and drive more people into the 5-mile island they’ve come up with theme weekends.
“Even though it’s just weekends, we have some really, really strong weekends that go right to mid-October. And the Convention Center has events that go through December," said Siciliano.
And to kick it all off is “Roar to the Shore” weekend. According to Siciliano, 50,000 to 60,000 motorcycles come in and out of town during this themed weekend.
And many business owners are thankful for the extra business in the seasons outside of summer. Themed weekends help establishments like Marvis Diner keep their tables full.
“Years back we didn’t have those weekends. Years back it was different and now they’re much different. Every weekend is a good event for us," said Manny Kamtzios, owner of Marvis Diner.
The Wildwood Tourism Authority hope they have, and continue to have, a positive impact on Cape May County and the Wildwoods that will be felt well into the fall with activities for the whole family to enjoy.
For a full list of events check out the Wildwood Tourism Authority's website.