Video: Cumberland County Technical Education Center Holds Official Ribbon Cutting


VINELAND, N.J. – The official ribbon cutting for the new Cumberland County Technical Education Center, or CCTEC, took place on Thursday.
The school is welcoming 241 students to its 78 different instructional areas and housing 12 different trade programs, including new engineering and communications programs.
"This is a state-of-the-art facility so they're going to encounter things they haven't seen in some of their other schools, but they're also going to find really unique spaces they can call their own," said Dina Rossi Elliot, the superintendent at C.C.T.E.C.
The new CCTEC is adjacent to Cumberland County College and was made possible as part of a project organized by the Cumberland County improvement authority to help redevelop the area.
"Whatever the area is, we need to get all our young people trained. The world is changing, this is a new world, it's a different world, and we have to compete," said State Senator Jeff Vand Drew.