Video: Atlantic City Firefighters Battle Humidity while Fighting Blaze


ATLANTIC CITY – The Atlantic City Fire Department fought a fire on Thursday while dealing with the humidity outside.
Early Thursday morning, a three-alarm fire started on the second floor of a three-story building in the Chelsea neighborhood of Atlantic City. The first floor of the structure housed a grocery store and had several bedrooms upstairs.
On arrival, firefighters still had heavy smoke and fire showing, coming out of the second-floor window on the Bartram Avenue side.
On top of the flames working through a wood frame building, the firefighters were dealing with another dangerous type of heat, which they said was part of the reason it took almost two and a half hours to get the fire under control.
“This fire was a pretty serious fire and for the firefighters, the heat was a huge impact on their ability to quickly get it under control," said Chief Scott Evans of the Atlantic City Fire Department.
In an attempt to mitigate the danger of the hot temperatures, the fire department began rotating crews in and out of the fire. A group would start in the midst of more extreme parts of the fire, do what they could, then come back outside to rehydrate, rest, and wait until it was their turn to go back inside again.
Despite their efforts, several firefighters were sent to the hospital, most of them because of heat exhaustion.
“A fire today with this 90, 95-degree heat index with the humidity, it’s extremely taxing on the firefighters in their full protective gear and their mask," said Evans
According to the fire chief, there were about 60 firefighters that came to the scene. Out of those men, four were sent to the hospital because of the heat, and one for a cut that needed stitches. However, thanks to the combined efforts of firefighters that were both on and off duty, they were able to work as a team to give each other the chance to cool down.
“You know, it’s very limited the amount of time they can actually spend in a fire. So we really have to keep crews in there for a short period of time," said Evans.
Reports indicate that nobody was hurt in the fire.