Video: South Jersey Veteran Makes Progress With Housing Project for Fellow Vets


FRANKLINVILLE, N.J. - Last May, Donnie Davis, a local veteran and founder of Amazing Grace Ministries, began a crowdfunding campaign to help fellow veterans with PTSD and has since gotten the local community involved as well.
Operation Safe Haven was created by Davis to build a community on a former campground in Franklinville where veterans with PTSD can live and get assistance in treatment.
“We have to make a change and we can’t stop until we take care of every one of them,” said Davis.
Since starting this campaign and sharing his story in late May, Davis says he’s been making progress and that the very first tiny house has officially been built for Operation Safe Haven.
“We were able to pay for this, not through grants or government funds but completely through donations from the people," said Davis.
The tiny house costs $10,500 is about 330 square feet complete with a kitchenette, living room, bedroom and a full bathroom.
Along with donations through a GoFundMe page, Davis shared that the community has been stepping up to complete the house as well.
“Sheet metal workers from Local 19 said they’ll provide all the siding and roof for us. People have donated the floor. A local company in Franklinville has donated all the countertops. So it’s the community and the people that surround us coming together and literally adopting every vet and taking care of them," said Davis.
Davis plans to have the house complete and ready to hand over the keys to the first veteran at some point this fall. And with 16 others already on the waiting list to move in, he’s hoping more donations will help him have three houses ready to go by the end of the year and all 60 complete by the end of 2018.
If you want to help Operation Safe Haven continue to purchase those micro houses to help veterans from all over the country, you can visit their GoFundMe page, "Micro Housing for Veterans."