Video: Law Enforcement Meets with Senior Citizens to Discuss Protection


CARNEYS POINT, N.J. – Some senior citizens in Salem County had a hands-on learning experience with members of the Salem County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday morning in Carneys Point.
The Salem County Triad, which is the largest triad organization in the state, brings together the local sheriff's department with Salem County senior citizens to talk about issues affecting them.
Today's event was held in Carneys Point. Residents often suggest topics for the quarterly meetings, but the sheriff said their focus was on protection.
"We'll talk about different types of protecting yourself from different types of bank fraud, insurance fraud, how to handle phone calls that come from telemarketers, plus protecting ourselves, we'll have different representatives from the sheriff's office or local police department to talk about how to protect themselves with their home and from burglaries or different types of theft," said Sheriff Chuck Miller of the Salem County Sheriff's Office.
Wednesday's event also featured a flu shot clinic. More than 200 seniors routinely come to the Salem County Triad meetings.