Video: The Streets of Pleasantville Get a Major Makeover


PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. – Pleasantville broke ground a project on Tuesday that will beautify part of the town in order to stimulate the local economy.
The South end of Pleasantville is currently experiencing what they call, "streetscaping." This means a brand new look for Main Street and other streets nearby to hopefully bring in businesses and more people to the area. The plan is to construct new sidewalks, curbs, plants, and added lighting to create a more inviting area for residents and visitors.
“It’s sort of giving you a Latin feel within this two block ratio here. So the 'streetscape' is going to sort of reflect that. When we were in the planning stages of this, we had the business owners and residents to come out and give their suggestions of what they wanted this to look like in this area,” said Jacquline Amado-Belton, the director of economic development in Pleasantville.
Super Storm Sandy severely affected nine counties in New Jersey and funding has been designated for the cities affected in those nine counties, Pleasantville being one of them. The city received a grant from the economic development authority for over $461,000.
“Our planner and the city, fathers and mothers decided that we were going to now try and concentrate on this end of the city. We have done major redevelopment on the northern end of the city and now we have come to the southern end. And we think this whole area right here will just pop," said Amado-Belton.
Amado-Belton and her team plan to extend the "streetscaping" beyond Main Street to Ansley Boulevard and E Bayview Avenue with another grant in the future. They anticipate the current project will be finished before Christmas.
“We feel that this is going to be a nice attraction when you come into our downtown and to the gateway into our redevelopment area," said Amado-Belton.