Video: Overnight Blaze Damages Historic Pennsauken Church


PENNSAUKEN, N.J. - Windows are were boarded up at Temple Praise Ministries Church on Wednesday as the members begin to recover from a fire that broke out the night before.
The cause of the late Tuesday night fire in this historic church building in Pennsauken is still under investigation, but according to the church pastor, Betsy Adams, it may have been electrical.
“It was really devastating to us to see our church up in smoke,” said Adams.
According to the Associated Press, no injuries were reported and it only took minutes for firefighters to control the flames. But the short life of the blaze doesn’t marginalize the lasting damage it had.
“So everything on the basement floor and there were a lot of things that we kept in the basement, all those things were damaged,” said Adams.
Walls torn, puddles of debris-filled water, and the smell of smoke lingers throughout the church where the fire damaged basement was used for Sunday-School or church dinners.
“I was a little heartbroken. You know this is your place of worship, this is something that you treasure and you come here every week. You don’t want to see it like this," said Seon Adams, a local member of the Church.
No matter what, the church community says they are ready to go to work.
“Our sleeves are already rolled up and we are ready to do whatever it takes, whatever is necessary to get it together," said Adams.
The pastor is hoping to have Sunday service up and running upstairs in the less damaged portion of the historic church building in Pennsuaken within the next two weeks. And the pastor is asking the everyone to help in just one way.
“Just pray for us. We need all the prayers that we can get because I believe prayer changes things,” said Adams.