Video: Thousands of Firefighters Come To Wildwood for New Jersey Firemen's Convention


WILDWOOD - 22,000 firefighters are making their way down to the Wildwoods for the annual State Firemen Convention from September 15th thru the 17th.
This convention and expo is held each year as a time to teach New Jersey's firefighters the latest and more efficient breakthroughs in their field of work. And this training is vital since according to New Jersey Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, there’s one fire in New Jersey every 19 minutes, with 27,000 total just in 2015.
“We have new firefighters every year, we have new equipment every year, there’s new firefighting strategy developed every year and they learn a lot of that down here," said David Thompson, president of the Five Mile Beach Association.
The state convention has called Wildwood home since 1975 and is two days of free education and fun at the beach.
“It’s a good time every year. Hopefully the weather is nice, people are enjoying it. There’s a lot to see, it’s very interesting," said Jim Ranalli, president of Wildwood Crest Fire Department.
Lt. Governor Guadagno joined the men and women to discuss the physical, mental, and financial toll fighting fires takes on a person.
“You never know when the siren is going to go off. You never know when you’re going to be called to duty and oh by the way, neither does your family," said Guadagno.
And both the mayor of the city and Congressmen Frank LoBiondo were present to speak to all those in attendance.
“We wish you nothing but safety. Be safe out there, it’s a different world. We’re not fighting the same fires that we fought before. It’s important that you keep your heads, stay educated," said Ernie Troiano Jr., mayor of Wildwood.
Firemen’s weekend concludes Saturday with a parade through the Five Mile Island, as a way to celebrate and thank the brave men and women of the Garden State.
“And the message is mainly to say, 'thank you.' Thank you for what you do in our communities. Thank you for what you do for our country. Thank you for being willing to do the right thing, all the time," said LoBiondo.