Main Street Minute: Greens and Grains


GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Unlike most health food restaurants and juice bars, Greens and Grains is a local chain of plant-based entireties.
"The thing about Greens and Grains is its not just health food. It's plant-based, but it's all types of plant-base. We have desserts, we have food. We have everything... For everyone," said Christopher Phillips, an employee at Greens & Grains.
From all natural cheesecake to juices, the plant-based eatery covers it all, and to help them do that they've acquired a state-of-the-art juicer.
"Its a cold press juicer, which means its grinds up the product, and then you press that grind to get the juice. So you don't loose any of the nutrients," said Phillips.
And if you feel like getting your dose of daily nutrients, Greens and Grains has established three locations in nine months, bringing their concept to Ventnor, Northfield, and at The Exchange in Galloway all of which will have you leaving with one thing in mind.
Wow this is so tasty and healthy, I gotta keep coming back.
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