Video: Recent Rainfall Welcomed by Local Farmers


GALLOWAY TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Rain can easily dampen the spirits for some, but the recent wet weather has been blessing to South Jersey farmers.
During periods of no rain, farms like Sahl’s Father Son Farm in Galloway see the ground turn dry and dusty which can be troublesome in growing a productive crop each season.
“It’s like Pig Pen on the Peanuts, dust every time you walk... And the hayrides, sometimes the dust follows the hayrides," said Jeremy Sahl, owner/operator of Sahl's Father Son Farm.
But thanks to Monday's heavy downpours the ground is looking more compact in the eight and half acre corn maze.
“It’s kind of a love-hate relationship, our ground can handle a lot of rain because it’s sand. But that makes it harder for the crops though because you have to water more regularly," said Sahl.
Ultimately that lack of rain costs the sixth-generation farm and others like it.
“From a farming standpoint it is a negative effect with no rain because you have to spend more money irrigating," said Sahl.
Even though it’s been a while since a major rainfall like the one on Monday, last year was worse.
“Last year the last rain we had was July 12th or something like that, so the corn only got to be about four or five feet tall. We had a couple more weeks of rain this year before the rain shut off. So the corn... is eight to nine-foot corn here this year so we’re very thankful for that," said Sahl.
And the added benefit of this wet weather is that it comes just in time for opening day at Sahl’s Father Son Farm this Saturday.
“During the season of fall, September through early November, we open up to the public for the corn maze, pumpkin patch, hayride, and a whole slew of other stuff for the kids," said Sahl.
As long as it’s not a Saturday this farm welcomes Mother Nature to rain on their maze.