Video: Bivalve Kicks Off Weekly Fishermen and Farmers Market


BIVALVE, N.J. – On Wednesday, Bivalve Fisherman and Farmers Market opened for the first time.
The small Delaware Bay town was once a vibrant and prosperous community, but in recent years this good fortune had faded. However, to reverse that, the town is hosting its first ever fishermen and farmers market at the Bayshore Center.
“We’re hugely excited to be having a market here where we’re going to showcase Bayshore produce and seafood and all of the things that make it special here," said Meghan Wren, executive director of the Bayshore Center.
The market was funded through a U.S.D.A. grant and will have 20 different vendors on display to show off all the items the area has to offer.
“It’s not easy to find all the things that we produce here so we’re hoping that this will support the local community, get people coming down to the Bayshore area," said Wren
Along with farmers' produce also comes the fishermen half of their name.
“We’re going to have representation of the seafood industry. We’ll have oysters and clams and crabs and fin fish," said Wren.
Jack king’s Seafood is one of those vendors and the owner is excited about the opening day.
“I hope it kicks off. I think it’ll be a fun thing for the community. I think it’ll be great," said Jenny King, owner of Jack King's Seafood.
The Bivalve Fisherman and Farmers Market will run every Wednesday from three to 7 p.m. through Thanksgiving.