Video: EPA Finalizes $14 Million Plan to Clean Up Dump Site in Gibbsboro


GIBBSBORO, N.J. - A multi-million dollar plan for cleaning up contaminated soil in Camden County has been finalized and has already begun.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finalized a $14 million plan to continue the process of cleaning up arsenic and lead contamination at the Route 561 Dump Site in Gibbsboro, which was the location of a former paint manufacturing plant and was used as a paint waste dump.
Workers will remove approximately 23,000-cubic-yards of contaminated soil from portions of the sites, and then backfill the excavated area with clean soil. This site is one of three in the Gibbsboro and Voorhees area that has been the source of contaminated soil, which has spread into a number of residential properties.
While the cleanup of residential properties is already underway, the EPA will continue to coordinate with property owners or occupants to ensure that all of the work is done with minimal disruption.