VIDEO: South Jersey Is Eager For First Presidential Debate


Election 2016 is heating up with both presidential candidates in the tight race for the white house taking the stage Monday night in their first presidential debate.
With just 43 days until Election Day, South Jersey seems eager to finally see both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton go head to head in the first of three presidential debates.
“We’re both looking forward to listening and watching. It’s seems to be the most important presidential election coming up in years,” said John Simonetti, of Texas.
And even those not from this country are looking forward to watching the candidates face off tonight.
“As an outsider this election is kind of fascinating. People in Britain, it seems like a no brainer to them. It seems like how could anyone vote for Trump, that’s the view of most people in the UK,” stated Ian McGraw, of Scotland.
Some are looking to see if trump has what it takes.
“I’m looking forward to Trump maintaining presidential, meaning looking presidential and sounding presidential,” said Simonetti.
“I’d be looking to see if Trump can at all seem like a credible candidate,” commented McGraw.
Others are hoping to see Clinton shine on the debate stage tonight and convince others she’s way the to go.
“I’m looking for her to show hopefully everybody else what I see in her and that she is the person to lead our country and not Trump,” said Megan Blatcher, of Haddon Township.
“I’m looking for her to show that she’s obviously the best candidate for the presidency, said Lorraine Alexander, of Collingswood. "Hopefully she’ll convey that to the rest of the public.”
Some New Jersey residents are planning on coming together to watch the big debate tonight.
Clinton watch parties are planned throughout the garden state – two right here in South Jersey in Franklinville and Absecon.
And trump supporters will rally together to cheer on their candidate in Morris County.
The highly anticipated debate will begin at 9 p.m.