Video: Pleasantville Football Ends Long Losing Streak


PLEASANTVILLE, N.J. – Rebuilding a high school football program takes hard work, dedication, and patience. Some rebuilds require more patience than others, and the players and coaches at Pleasantville have learned that the hard way.
To the average fan, the Greyhounds beating Riverside on the road last Friday night probably looked like any other win. However, for Pleasantville, that win was about as sweet as it gets.
The win at Riverside snapped a 21-game losing streak for the program, dating all the way back to Thanksgiving Day, 2013. That means the Greyhounds went two full seasons without any wins.
This is year number two for head coach Chris Sacco, and the win over the Rams was his first with the program.
"Yea I mean I think the last time this program has been over .500 was 2005 or 2006 so it's been a long time. So getting this win would really put this program in a good place going forward. But like we told the kids, you have to show up and play. We were 0-10 last year, so we don't have the luxury to say this is a slam dunk game. We have to put in the work and we have to get after it. I think they understand that. We're going to find out this week if they understand that. They're excited, they want to get that second win, so hopefully we're not complacent and we don't stop here," said Sacco.
The Greyhounds are playing a much more competitive schedule this season, and their first in the West Jersey United Division. Pleasantville will host Pitman on Friday night and after tasting victory this week, Pleasantville wants to keep it rolling against the Panthers.
"We're hungry for success. At practice now, we push harder and stuff like that. And we get up on each other more than we did before. Now since we got this win, we're actually more focused," said William Morgan, wide receiver for the Greyhounds.
It's the home opener for the Greyhounds on Friday night with 1:1 Pleasantville versus 0:3 Pitman at 6 p.m.