Figure of Angel Spotted at South Jersey Shrine


Visitors of the Padre Pio Shrine say an angel is with them after a figure has been seen on one of the trees on the grounds.

Thunderstorms with lightning hit the area several times this past summer. And while trees were damaged or knocked down, one strike that may have gone unreported occurred at the St. Padre Pio Shrine. A tree started to split in half, only feet away from the shrine, and some visitors say it’s a sign of a miracle.

“Where would you go to find an angel in a tree like that,” asked Marie Dandrea, the founder of Padre Pio Shrine. “That is Padre Pio’s special angel, and every, every, every soul that works on this ground, that’s their angel with Padre Pio.”

Some say it was bad weather, while others say it was a miracle right here, in Atlantic County.

If you visit the shrine to examine the tree, you can see exactly where it split in half, and what some people are saying they can make out the figure of an angel.
The provided footage may be difficult to make out the heavenly figure, but the people who have been visiting and taking pictures have said that once they look down at their camera or their phone, they do make out an angel … and it’s giving them hope.

“When I look at it, I don’t really see the angel. But when I took the picture, looking from the picture from my phone, is when I really saw it,” said Mariette Alire, a resident of Landisville.

Visitors have been coming both locally and from hundreds of miles away to visit the St. Padre Pio Shrine and to get a glimpse of the tree for themselves. One visitor who believed the saint helped her through a kidney transplant came from Virginia to pay her respects and see the alleged miracle.

The founder of the shrine says that they have documented over 200 miracles that have happened on this sacred ground, and she believes their special angel could very well lead to even more in the future.

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