Video: Local Church Shows Support for First Responders with "Blue Mass"


BLACKWOOD, N.J. – First responders in Camden County received a show of support from their local community on Wednesday.
At Our Lady of Hope Church in Blackwood, many were encouraged to join a prayer service for police, firefighters, and EMS who serve the surrounding communities every day.
Bishop Dennis Sullivan invited the public to the 15th annual Camden Diocesan "Blue Mass" to show support for local law enforcement officers and first responders.
"It's a really great feeling for us as officers and for firemen, EMTs that are in attendance as well to know that the people are behind them and that the people are with them, and they want to come and share in a service like this with them," said Sgt. Sean Grannan, who serves with the Gloucester Township Police Department.
"Blue Mass" started back in 1939 and since then has grown nationally in the Catholic community. The service also commemorates the Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel, who is a patron saint for police officers.
"I hope they're feeling great pride in the presence of so many people in church who are here as I said to support them through prayer-spiritual support and to express gratitude to them," said Bishop Sullivan.