Video: Morey's Piers Teaches Local High School Students Career Skills


WILDWOOD, N.J. – Wildwood High School students are learning about different career paths through a partnership with Morey’s Piers.
The home grown organization has been excited about this educational program that helps students explore different vocations and what work is available in their own town.
“We’re very fortunate that Morey’s Piers has been open to us, as well as how large of a corporation they are that they can offer many services to our students,” said Phil Schafer, principal at Wildwood High School. “We want to provide them opportunities outside the classroom and post-graduation.”
These unique student seminars are held several times a year and geared towards the students’ interests.And the Morey’s want the students to realize there’s much more to their hometown than just the summer.
“When you think of amusements you think okay it’s a bunch of rollercoasters and then they go to Florida during the winter time right? Well the truth is, it’s a whole lot of businesses in one,” said Jack Morey, co-owner of Morey's Piers.
This week’s session was one of four different seminars hosted by the Morey’s so far – and on the schedule for this month was culinary arts.
“Our hope that some of them will say jeez I never thought of a career in culinary arts or as a chef or as a restaurant manager or as a food imagery control person,” said Morey.
They learned how to prep some of the foods served at one of the restaurants on the boardwalk.
“It’s been pretty fun actually. We’ve done a lot of hands on stuff so far. We learned a lot about Morey’s Piers and how they run during the winter all that. A lot of behind the scenes work and stuff,” said Charles Collier, a senior at Wildwood High School.
Next month the kids will focus on hotel operations. And the partnership between Morey's Piers and the high school plan on teaming up to provide three more sessions come spring to expose these students to even more possible careers.
“We want to get behind the youth of this community, that’s really where the future is,” said Morey. “If you really love Wildwood and you really love your hometown you can live and work and raise a family in this hometown.”