Video: Congressman Norcross Announces Sponsorship of Legislation to Aid Veterans


CAMDEN, N.J. – Recent studies show 20 to 22 veterans commit suicide each day in the United States, Congressman Donald Norcross met with South Jersey veterans on Monday to discuss what can be done to turn that terrible statistic around.
The group held a news conference at the Rutgers-Camden campus Monday to discuss ways the government can provide better services for veterans.During the event, Norcross, a democrat announced his sponsorship of the Never Again Act.
The new legislation will require the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide immediate access to emergency mental health care for any military veterans looking for help.
"The number 22 is a bad number. I've had friends that are in that category, and I think the number 22 should be down to zero. I think that this process that we're going through now in trying to get that number to zero is a very good first step that we need to work on especially in Camden County," said Evan Graham, commander of the American Legion of Camden County.
Under the legislation, if the VA is unable to accommodate a veteran at its own facilities, the VA would be obligated to provide treatment for veterans at a non-VA facility.
The Never Again Act is a concept that builds off of the Veterans freedom Healthcare Act, introduced in November 2015.