Video: Camden County Spreads Awareness on People "Striking Out" Opiate Addiction


CAMDEN, N.J. – In Camden County, freeholders and the Addiction Awareness Task Force team have incorporated baseball into National Addiction Awareness Week.
As they continue to find ways to tackle the heroin, opiate, and drug epidemic sweeping the state, the Camden County officials hosted a softball tournament to bring awareness to those in recovery.
“Our goal is to spread the message that recovery is possible and that people with this disease can get better, and we can have fun, we can be normal people, we can be productive to society, and we can make a difference,” said Justin Wroblewski, a member of the Camden County Addiction Awareness Taskforce.
Despite the rainy weather, dozens of players still came out to help spread awareness and support those who are striking out opiate addiction.
“You know, having a lot of these folks out here just helps keeps things in perspective for all of us, and just reminds us that the task force has a very serious mission, and we have to keep at it, we have to persevere,” said Camden County Freehold Director Louis Cappelli Jr.
The Camden County Addiction Awareness Taskforce team has been working towards getting every county police department to carry Narcan. And according to the freehold director, use of the nasal spray has led to about 600 lives being saved.
“What the task force does is create resources, awareness, and brings a new light to the disease of addiction. It allows people to see it for what it really is, that this disease is something that’s hitting every community around the state, around the country," said Wroblewski.
Whether they’re former addicts in long-term recovery, on the freeholder team, or just friends and family from the community, supporters say the 1st Annual Recovery Softball Tournament proved previous addicts can lead normal lives, and have people cheering for them along the way.
“So many famous people, successful people in today’s life are those in recovery, and what we see here is just a sampling of a cross section of Camden County of those who are living a new life," said Congressman Donald Norcross.