Positive Rabies Case Found in Salem County

The first positive rabies case of 2015 in Salem County has been confirmed by the Salem County Health Department.
A Pittsgrove Township property owner contacted animal control on January 12th after finding that his dogs had direct contact with a deceased raccoon. Testing of the raccoon occurred and a positive results for rabies was found.
"Last year, the Salem County Health Department confirmed 11 positive rabies cases," said Freeholder Bob Vanderslice, Chairman of the Health and Human Services committee. "While we are making strides in educating the public, we need to remain vigilant during the winter months when wild animals are scurrying around residential properties looking for food.”
Officials are encouraging pet owners to take advantage of the upcoming free rabies clinics being held in the area and to report any wild animals acting strangely on your property or near pets. They also are advising that any animal bite should be reported to your local health department and evaluated by a doctor.
For more information on the rabies clinics or what to do when you see an animal that may have rabies go to http://www.state.nj.us/health/cd/rabies/index.shtml or call the Salem County Department of Health and Human Services at 856.935.7510.