Vineland High Schoolers to Compete in 6th "Poetry Out Loud"

Eighteen Vineland High School students will compete in the school level competition of "Poetry Out Loud" on Tuesday, January 13th. The event will take place in the Vineland High School Auditorium beginning at 8:22 am.
This is the sixth year VHS is participating in Poetry Out Loud, a contest that encourages the nation's youth to learn about poetry through memorization and recitation. The program helps students sharpen their public speaking skills and learn about literary heritage. The competition was launched in high schools across the nation in 2006, and has grown each year with over 375,000 total students competing.
The VHS winner will be competing in the Region 1 Competition on February 12th at the Levoy Theater in Millville. This year's State Finals will take place on Friday, March 13th, at 10:00 am. The Final will be in the Richardson Auditorium located at Princeton University as part of the Princeton Poetry Festival.
Contestants from Honors English 3, AP English, and Drama and Theater classes at VHS include:
Danea-Gaye Wint, senior (second year)
Tumelo Nwanma, junior
Christopher Peters, junior
Rachel Fay, senior
Sarah Filippi-Field, junior
Rebecca Pellerano, senior
Angela Benson, senior (second year)
Katie Perry, senior
Kyle Castellini, senior
Akshay Patel, senior (second year)
Kerensa Loadholt, senior (second year)
Angela Doulis, senior (second year; last year's champion)
Robert Greene, junior
Sarah Gibney, junior
Jesus Hernandez, senior (second year)
Massimo Moi, senior
Kayla Speyerer, junior
Kennedy Tarlton, senior.
Samantha Terry, English Teacher, Accuracy Judge
Becky Linton, English Teacher, Judge
Daniel Kuzma, Social Studies Teacher, Judge
Nancy Hollenweger, Language Arts Supervisor, Judge
Cameron Meiswinkel, English Teacher, Prompter.