The Cumberland Regional School District Elects Board Members

The Cumberland Regional School District Board of Education welcomed a new board president, and a new board vice president, two returning board members, and one new board member, at their annual reorganization meeting held Wednesday.
The board elected Thomas M. Davis as board president and Theresa Christian-Hunsberger as board vice president. Davis will represent Stow Creek Township, while Christian-Hunsberger will represent Hopewell Township.
Incumbent Claude Rucker was sworn in for another full, three-year term representing Fairfield Township on the nine-member board. The board holds one seat for each Cumberland Regional High School constituent district and one additional seat for Fairfield and Upper Deerfield.
Also representing Fairfield is Kevin Maloney, who was sworn in for a one-year unexpired term. In addition, new board member Valerie Wojcik was sworn in for a full, three-year term representing Greenwich Township. Wojcik was elected to this seat as a write-in candidate during the November election.