Habitat for Humanity "Superhero" Display to be Featured at Vineland Public Library

Habitat for Humanity helps families in need every four minutes, Vineland Public Library will honor the strong and devoted heroes who have helped their purpose with a special display.
The exhibition, Saving Lives-Building Homes: The Habitat Superheroes, will showcase all the imaginative superhero drawings and designs that Habitat for Humanity received from children within Cumberland County.
The search for Habitat’s superhero was a contest crafted for children under the age of fourteen, as an engaging community building activity. The Habitat superhero had to embody the ideals of Habitat for Humanity- a vigilante with sharp power tools and apathy for the lack of housing within his or her community.
Out of many submissions, Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity selected two superheroes to be their mascot on future ads and paraphernalia. All students who submitted a cartoon or drawing were inducted into Cumberland County Habitat for Humanity’s young hero league. The two winning designs were: Mr. Handiman by Francis Virtucio from Rossi Intermediate School and Captain Constructor by Dominick Forgen from Bishop Shad Regional School.
Saving Lives-Building Homes: The Habitat Superheroes is scheduled to be at the library from January 5th until January 31st. It