State Program Honors District Education Professionals

Vineland Public Schools announced the recipients of the new Governor's Educator of the Year (GEOY) Program, which includes both teachers and service professionals.
The program, new this year, integrates the Teacher of the Year Program with the Governor's Teacher and Educational Services Professional Recognition Program to recognize the hard work of outstanding teachers and educational services professionals.
According to the New Jersey Department of Education, the integrated program will increase the number of outstanding educators being recognized for their hard work and dedication. It will also streamline and improve processes for districts in selecting honored educators and create a more comprehensive program.
Due to the restructuring of the award, there will no longer be a district teacher of the year. Instead, all teacher awardees will have the chance to vie for recognition at the county, state, and national levels.
Recipients of the award include: VHS North/South - April Marchesano (teacher) and Natalie Reynolds (ed. prof.); Landis - Suzanne Middleton (teacher) and Cristina Luciano (ed. prof); Veterans Memorial - Jackie Campbell (teacher) and Carol Kelly (ed. prof.); Rossi - Christina Pierce (teacher) and Andrea Massaro (ed. prof.); Wallace - JoAnn Starn (teacher); Barse - Janice Lonia (teacher) and Elizabeth Anthony (ed. prof.); Sabater - Valerie Carbonara (teacher) and Kenny Smith (ed. prof.); D'Ippolito - Lisa Kaler (teacher) and Stephanie Staffieri (ed. prof.); Durand - James Appleby (teacher); Johnstone - Colleen Worley (teacher) and Dawn Bernard (ed. prof.); Leuchter - Nicole Antonelli (teacher); Mennies - Karen Morvay (teacher); Petway - Steven Calakos (teacher) and Leslie Smith (ed. prof.); Winslow - Deborah McClain (teacher) and Dawn Yacovelli (ed. prof.); Dallago - Lisa Venturi (teacher) and Lisa Tobolski (ed. prof.); Almond Rd - Jaimi Molinelli (teacher) and Carisa Mazzoni (ed. prof.); and Cunningham Alt School - Jeffrey Perez (teacher).