Vineland BOE Honors Physics Class

Vineland Board of Education honored students from Lisa Fagan's Honors Physics class last Wednesday, for their first, and highly successful, "Punkin Chunkin" catapult project.
Students worked in groups to construct a working trebuchet or catapult using any recycled or reused materials from home. The students then competed to determine which team could hurl a pumpkin the farthest, and most accurately.
"This project was a great success and we're definitely planning to do it again next year," said Fagan. "I was really impressed by the quality of the projects, and by how well they performed. The students also enjoyed working on this assignment, and it definitely showed."
The multifaceted project required students to design their catapult or trebuchet with labeled parts; predict the launch angle, initial velocity, initial velocity components, flight time, maximum height, and range; and then analyze and present the results.
The winning group consisted of Max Nezdyur, Alexander Matos, and Greg Hughes, who were successfully able to project their pumpkin 38 feet.
Photo: Front row, from left, Lisa Fagan, Max Nexdyur, and Anthony Matos. Back row, from left, Alex Matos, Max Moi, Emma King, McKenzie Bond, and Jordan Walker.