"Bio Bus" Visits Washington Township High School

The colorful Bio Bus from New York City traveled to New Jersey this past Tuesday to educate students of Washington Township High School with its Mobile Microorganism Lab.
Originally used as public transportation, the 40-year old transit bus is now equipped with $100,000 worth of research-grade microscopes. Staff scientists from Cell Motion Laboratory work with students at more than 400 schools on lab activities. They looked at microorganisms and recorded observations using microscopes and high-definition screens.
Staff members Danny Valdes and David Yap took the College Prep and Integrated Biology students through two stations of lab activities. Yap had the students look at Daphnia microorganisms, while Valdes’ group viewed slides of pond water, looking at the activities of tiny vorticella. Later, they took swabs from students’ cheeks and investigated them through the microscopes.
The highlight of the day came during one of the sessions, when a daphnia gave birth to several babies, while the students looked on.