Bunker Hill Middle School Students Give Career Paths Presentation

Five sixth graders from Bunker Hill Middle School gave presentations on their preferred career paths this past Wednesday.
This was done as part of their teacher Mr. Walter Johnson's Computer/Financial Literacy class, where each student researched and designed their own PowerPoint presentations for their chosen career.
Kelly Wei (broadcast news analyst), Bartholomew Buonocore (computer hardware engineer), Stephen Vadino (video game developer), Alyssa Monti (lawyer), and Francesca Dostillo (cardiac surgeon) each gave presentations dressed in attire coordinated to their careers. They discussed what kind of schooling is required to work in the profession, the potential financial implications of the job, and why they want to go in that career direction.
Mr. Johnson, was so impressed by the students' work, he then had them each present to a gathering of parents, family members, and District staff.
“These five were the very best of all our excellent projects,” Johnson said. “This was a project intended to get them out of their shell, and they did a great job.”