Whitman Elementary Fifth-Grader Wins Schools National Geographic Bee

After three rounds of intense competition, Whitman Elementary School fifth grader Megan Bailey took the victory at their National Geographic Bee.
Bailey outlasted 14 other fourth and fifth grade students during the challenge that proved to be both educational and entertaining. Questions included topics ranging from sports teams to things that are “Weird, But True.”
All students in fourth and fifth grade had to take a written pre-test to determine who would take part in the competition. Participants that were chosen worked hard to prepare for the contest with study materials and online competitions.
Contestants other than Bailey included fourth graders Carmen Casella, Drew Dolgos, Louis Esposito, Daniel Hartong, and Jaden Kopischke; and fifth graders Jaralynn Candelaria, Robert Ilagan, Kat Kaltwasser, Annalisa Jamison, Nicholas Marques, Julianna Petrilli, Juliana Scalia, Michelle Tangradi, and Erin Welch.