Youths Advocate for Adults to Stop Buying Alcohol for Minors in Vineland

Inspira Health Network's School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP), included in the Resources Aligned for Teens (RAFT) at Vineland High School participated in Southwest Council's "Sticker Shock" event on Wednesday, December 10th. The event was held at Hummel's Wine and Liquor in Bridgeton.
Youth to Youth is led by RAFT Student Support Counselor, Ray Adams. "Sticker Shock" is an initiative led by youths to change the adult mindset that it's okay to purchase alcohol for minors. The movement is carried out during the holiday season due to the increased amount of celebrations this time of year.
Youth from the Cumberland County Healthy Communities Coalition Youth Network and Vineland High School placed neon green stickers on cases of beer and other alcoholic beverages for all to see. The stickers provided a strong reminder: "Keep it legal!"