Wedgwood Elementary Fourth Grader Alex Shultes Wins National Geographic Bee

Today was Wedgwood Elementary School's annual National Geographic Bee. Fourth grader Alex Shultes was victorious in the competition, outlasting the 13 fourth and fifth graders who also competed.
The runners-up in the competition were Matt Liss and Gabby Lopez, who Shultes surpassed on the fourth question of the championship round.
The next step for Shultes is to take a one-hour written exam to qualify for the state Geography Bee competition. The state Geography Bee will be held in April of next year and includes students in grades fourth through eighth.
Other participants in the final competition included: Santino Mesi, Lauren Petsch, Ben Myers, Matthew DiGiacomo, Raina Saraiya, Dennis Short, Nicole Shisler, Aaron McGarvey, Ronan Smith, Valerie Huynh, and Spencer Barnoski.
The moderator for the competition was Wedgwood Elementary ELEMEnTS teacher, Deb Mongiardo, who also serves as the state Geography Bee Coordinator. Assisting Mongiardo were fellow District ELEMEnTS teachers, Terry Boyajian and Alexa Woodward.