Needy Children of Cumberland County to Receive Homemade Blankets

Dozens of knitters and crocheters are helping children of Cumberland County stay warmer this holiday season by creating handmade blankets.
According to Carol Moore, who has been part of this holiday giving activity for the past four years, individuals, groups, seniors, and churches are given free yarn from her shop to create 12 x 12 squares. The volunteers work on them throughout the year and then sew the squares together to make blankets.
“These kids will at least have something both beautiful and warm," said Moore.
The blankets will be collected at the FiberArts Café at the Village-on-High in Millville. After being collected, they will be put into special cloth bags before being picked up by New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services (DYFS), who will then deliver them to less fortunate children of Cumberland County.
Anyone that is looking to volunteer, can go to the Café and help put the blankets into the cloth bags on Tuesday, December 16 or Wednesday, December 17 from 10am-6pm.