Bridgeton Mayor is Asking for Nominations for Holiday Decorating Contest

Inspired by the past weekends Festival of Lights, Bridgeton Mayor Albert Kelly is requesting nominations for the best residential outdoor holiday decorating and lighting displays throughout the city.
The contest is open to all Bridgeton residents and anyone can nominate a house, including their own.  The only requirement is that the decorations must be in the front yard and visible from the street.
“This is one of my favorite times of the year.  Like many folks, I enjoy seeing Christmas lights, ornaments, and all the creative things people do to decorate their homes for the season.  We have some talented residents,” said Kelly.
Kelly will be teaming up with others from the City Council to select the top 3 displays.  They will announce the winners at one of the January 2015 City Council meetings.
In addition to the winners of the Holiday decorating contest, they will also announce the winners of the first summer garden contest from earlier in the year.
Kelly said, “Each season brings its own special symbols and attractions.  In spring it’s all about the flowers and gardens; this time of year it’s all about snowmen, reindeer, Santa, lights, and manger scenes.  I’ve already noticed some attractive yards."
Those wishing to make a nomination should call the Office of the Mayor at (856) 455-3230 Ext. 200 and leave the address of the yard or residence being nominated, and if known, the name of the person responsible for the decorating.